And so it begins...
The start

This story begins with our heroes meeting on a small trade ship. Some are there as guards, others as passengers. As fate would have it this would not be a safe journey, as it is not long before the ship is set upon by goblin pirates. Almost immediately, the captain of the trade ship abandons ship. Our heroes fight valiantly, but the goblin captain is able to sink both ships! Some time later our heroes wash up on the shore of the small island Winterchill. They are able to find a canyon, and navigate through it to a point where it opens up, with many caves pocketed throughout it’s sides. Despite the harsh weather, Voronwe is able to see something fly out of one cave and into another. Based on this information, and due to the bad health the party is in, it is decided they will back-track a ways and set up camp.

The ardent Elissa Constantine set up a tent. The party then set about camouflaging it with the abundance of snow that is around. In spite of their efforts, the camp is discovered after a few short hours. The party ventures outside to meet with the strangers. They find several dragonborn, led by one who calls herself The Second. Elissa Constantine is able to communicate with them in draconic after Barda‘s failed attempts to speak to them in common. It is learned the party had camped on some sort of sacred burial ground and are now being summoned before The First. As they are being led away, several dragonborn destroy Elissa’s tent, much to her dismay.

At the encouragement of the Deva Asha, Barda (being quite large) carries Voronwe, who is in very bad shape. The party is led back to the large canyon with all of the caves. As they are led deep into one of these caves, and Elissa reads the (literal) writing on the walls to the party. Beartrap is familiar with one dragon in particular from these writings, namely Winterchill. At the end of the tunnel is a huge chamber, where The First is waiting, flanked by two small gold dragons. He propositions the party to help with a nearby kobold infestation. The heroes eagerly agree and take a much needed rest.

The party is led to a large cavern by The Second, who warns them that that a young white dragon has taken up residence in the cave as well. Tasked with exterminating the kobolds that serve this dragon, the party enters the cavern. The kobolds put up tough fight, forcing the party to take several breaks in order to tend to their wounds. Once the cavern is cleared of kobolds, the party decides to rest before attempting to slay the dragon in it’s lair. They set up camp outside of the cavern, using the vast amounts of snow and ice to create a makeshift igloo.

Voronwe takes first watch. Not long into his vigil, he notices small shadows circling him beneath the ice. After a short chase, two white wyrmlings emerge from beneath the ice and attack the party, but are ultimately slain. The party moves camp, deciding to brave the tundra in order to avoid alerting the dragon. Unfortunately, upon returning to the cave, they find that the dragon discovered the bodies of it’s young and fled it’s lair, taking it’s hoard with it.

A small one way portal was buried just beneath the snow where the dragons hoard had once been. The party activated the portal and jumped in. On the other side, they discovered that they had been transported to the entrance of the enormous tower at the center of the island. Kobolds mounted on Rage Drakes greeted them and an intense but short battle ensued, with the party nearly losing a member to teeth and claws of the enormous lizards.

With little knowledge of the islands layout, the party grimly entered the tower, determined to kill it’s inhabitants or die trying. The ascent to the top of the tower was a brutal gauntlet, filled to the brim with Kobolds, Drakes and dangerous traps on every floor. The first floor claimed the life of the Deva Asha, who fell to a pack of Guard Drakes. Wracked with grief and guilt, Barda collapsed near his slain comrade and wept. The party couldn’t convince him to leave her, so they continued on without him.

Another member was lost to the inhabitants of the tower as they ascended, a nameless Chef that had survived the ships wreckage. His killer, a Kobold Necromancer named Two-Claw, surrendered to the party rather than allow them to slay him. When interrogated, he revealed that Winterchill had taken a mate, a young white dragon known as Rimefrost. Her lair lay directly above them and could be accessed via a teleportation circle hidden beneath a nearby rug.

Two-Claw panicked when he found out that the party intended to use the circle and attack his patrons mate. Driven by sheer desperation, the Kobold attempted to disable the circle while the party discussed strategy amongst themselves. Before he could complete his work, Voronwe leapt into the portal and activated it. Two-claw fled the scene during the panic.

Unfortunately, Rimefrost was ready for the young elf. As soon as he stepped through the portal, she attacked and nearly tore him to shreds. Had the rest of the party not leapt into the portal immediately, he would have surely perished.

Inside the dragons nest, they valiantly fought against Rimefrost and eventually managed to slay her after a timely intervention by Two-Claw. After filling their bags with her stolen treasure, they fled back through the portal and barricaded themselves in the room. There, they spent the next sixteen hours resting, giving Barda time to pull himself together and return to the group.

They then proceeded through a second portal and found themselves on the opposite end of a vast bridge which led to another section of the tower. On the other side of the bridge, five dark, cloaked figures approached. Battle ensued, but quickly ended in the parties favor. The fight revealed that these newest opponents had been a small group of Vampire Spawn, seemingly in league with the dragon Winterchill.

The party pushed into the final chamber, stumbling upon Winterchill and what remained of his minions. Flanked by more vampire spawn, he appeared to be arguing with a small human figure in a red cloak. Even more curious, he was holding a large Orb that seemed to be channeling necrotic energy into a ritual circle. Behind this wall of energy lay his slain mate, Rimefrost. The party concluded that he must be attempting some sort of resurrection ritual. Barda, wracked with grief over the loss of his friend (and a little more suicidal than usual), decided to just charge the goddamn dragon right then and there. This infuriated [[Winterchill], who passed the orb to the woman in the red cloak so that he could challenge Barda with his full might.

The woman stepped into the ritual circle, enveloping herself and the body of Rimefrost in a necrotic barrier so that she could continue the ritual without interruption. The party then engaged the last of Winterchills forces, quickly overwhelming the few vampires that were in the chamber.

Two-Claw worked his magic in the background, sabotaging the ritual from afar with a series of intricate spells. During an exchange with the red cloaked woman, one of the party managed to sneak a peek at the face beneath the hood. The woman bore an uncanny resemblance to Elissa Constantine, the parties Ardent. In truth, this woman was her twin sister, Annabelle, now seemingly a master vampire. [[Winterchill] kept the party on it’s toes while Annabelle worked her magic, but looked to tire after a particularly nasty shot from the party. Just when he seemed to be at deaths door, he lashed out at Barda, nearly killing him with a single swipe of his massive claw. The party was startled when it witnessed Winterchill draining the blood from Barda during the attack. Thus, the nefarious plot of the dragon was revealed: He had somehow discovered a way to transform himself into a Draconic Vampire and now sought to do the same to his slain mate. With his strength renewed, the dragon tore at the parties ranks, flinging Barda aside like a ragdoll in his mad quest for vengeance.

Just as he was about to slay Two-Claw, the Kobold overloaded the orb with a well placed spell and shattered it, obliterating any chance that Winterchill could bring his mate back. Annabelle stopped the dragon with a hastily shouted command, ordering the behemoth to retreat with her. The party could do little to stop either of them as their bodies took the form of mist and slipped out of the tower through a tiny grate in the floor.

Later, the party was informed that the tower itself was an ancient artifact of Arkhosian origin. It had been built on an ancient font of arcane power and was used by the empire of old to channel immense power into the chamber at the very top, allowing them to control the environment of the island itself. The key to this operation was the Orb that Two-Claw had destroyed. With the artifact in shambles, the Dragonborn couldn’t reclaim the tower and save the island from the eternal winter. The island was doomed. Winterchill had won and claimed the island and it’s inhabitants as his first victims.

-END of first Adventure-


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