Winterchill is an adult white dragon that, until recently, resided on a small island that shared his name. Like most of his kin, he is powerful, ruthless and concerned only with himself. He was first encountered by a band of adventurers passing through the a small trading post called Grizzlemaw, where the dragon had planted himself in the midst of a small conflict between a tribe of werewolves and a small clan of dwarves that were determined to exterminate them. At the behest of Winterchill, the leader of the werewolves (Who were hiding in human form at the time) convinced the adventurers that the Dwarves were attacking them without provocation. The Adventurers played a key role in the destruction of the Dwarves, who tried to warn them shortly before they were brutally murdered by the valiant “Heroes”. These same heroes were then sent off to destroy Winterchill himself.

White dragon fightUpon reaching his hidden sanctum and seeing the sheer size and power of Winterchill standing before them, the adventurers instead attempted to make a deal with the massive dragon. In exchange for treasure, he revealed how they had been duped by the werewolves into killing the dwarves and betraying Winterchill. Enraged by the turn of events, the dragon convinced the adventurers to help him kill the werewolves instead.

With his former allies destroyed, Winterchill allowed the adventurers to live. The dragon simply disappeared after this event, leaving the adventurers to tell the tale of his grand conspiracy.

Thirty years later, he would reappear on a small isolated island in the South Sea. Winterchill discovered an ancient site of power that had once been a prominent arcane academy during the reign of Arkhosia. He utterly decimated it’s remaining dragonborn inhabitants, used the power of the academy to transform the tropical island into an icy tundra and brought a loyal army of kobolds to protect his new lair.

It wasn’t until a small ship crash landed on his island that his base of power would finally be threatened…


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